Lets Talk About The Work Market Tickets Out There

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  • Lets Talk About The Work Market Tickets Out There

    Do you have questions about ongoing or trending projects? Please post them here and please respond to others that have questions regarding projects you have been on.

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    How important is it to have EVERY tool listed on "required tool" section of work order? They really do threaten non payment if you don't....
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    • chrisowen09
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      I carry $10K in tools and $1K in materials on my truck. MOST Work Market jobs pass me over because I DO have everything and then some.

      I also carry a $5M policy in-case of issues or claims, never had to use it since 2008.

      The great thing is if I run into a situation where I need a tool NOT on the list I do not need to go buy it or have to drive home to pick it up.

      MY Minimal for this is 80 per hour. I have Electricity in my truck and a Full 4G Internet connection in the truck. So I can do work in the middle of a field.

      My Gas Mileage SUCKS literally I refuel 3 times a week on the low end and do service across the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

      But with Personal client such as Sears, Khols, Macys, and many other Clients like them you never know what you will need to finish a job.

      Maybe a fues, maybe a jack, possibly an Ethernet or HDMI cable.
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    If you don't have the tools you probably should get them anyways.


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      If I don’t have a “required” tool and I’m scratching my head wondering why that tool would be “required” I make an offer and make it VERY CLEAR in the notes that they should NOT offer me the gig if said tool is really “required”.


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        A required tool only becomes important if you need it to complete the job and you don't have it!
        I'm thinking like selsputers if your in this business you should have the tools needed to do the job.
        It seems most required tools lists are pretty generic, but some do have wacky items that will probably never be used.


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          No one at Work Market can figure out why I am getting dual emails for a project. Anyone else get that or just me?


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            Here is a great example:
            Usually Walgreens. This jobs they don't want to pay any of us full price unless other states are offering this kind of prices or the worker is just him/herself. I could see that. When people coming a real business they have way more expenses than 31.82 per hour. At least Work Market doesn't take out 10% fees like Field Nation.

            Global Gateway Exchange sent you an assignment. Apply now and get to work!*
            Location Portland, OR 97201 (70.45 miles from you)
            Date and Time Thu, 17 May 2018 09:00 AM PDT to: Thu, 17 May 2018 02:00 PM PDT
            Price & Payment Terms Hourly rate of $31.82 for a maximum of 4.00 hours
            Paid 30 days after approval
            Description Install Managed Router into current site topology and make Ethernet extension

            to designated location. Connect equipment to correct ports on provided equipment.