Windows Refresh Project (Need a little help)

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  • Windows Refresh Project (Need a little help)


    5 EUC L1 (2 to 3 years) with Windows Image deployment or PC refresh experience at office site.

    Scope of Work:

    a. Expectation of 4 PCs per technician/ per shift

    b. USB drive with Image and Step-wise User manual will be provided to the technician on-site

    c. Day Shift : As per local laws.

    d. Night Shift : 4:00 PM to Mid night

    e. Duration of Project: 15th March ? Upto July, 2018

    f. Target rate: $22/ Hr ? 8 Hours a day shift , Monday ? Friday

    g. CVS/ Resumes Needed to On-Board.

    I have done Workstation Installs, memory wipes, and assisted with roll-outs before. I still haven't migrated data or done Windows Image deployment.I feel like I'm on the cusp of being qualified for this gig and would really love to land it. Am I wrong to assume that once i got the process and order of operations down that this would be good experience for me to have?

    Any suggestions to sharpen my skills in this area or maybe some suggestions to help with my resume since I'll only have a year or so experience in the field and WO as refrences, (Should i use the project mangers or teams leads as references?) Really anything that might help me land this one would be appreciated.


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    These refreshes are generally very simple but there is not just one way to do it and many companies have their own proprietary method of doing it. Chase and Wells Fargo are both totally different methods.


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      Every refresh I've done, and there are many, have all come with EXTENSIVE documentation on what your requirements are and how to complete the task (Wal-Mart register refresh was a 145 page {required printing and to be on site with you} SOW doc). If you have a the lest bit of common since, and the tiniest bit of self assurance, you can do it. Suggestion for sharpening your skills; go do the job, make it a learning experience, and enjoy