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  • Get ready for my Daily Blogs

    Still working on getting the word out about this new community. I figure by the end of the weekend I will have reached all my contacts, then I will start some SEO to get more exposure but I cannot do this all alone. I need you all to participate, get the discussions and topics flowing because there is much to discuss. Please refer all your contacts in the IT Field Tech industry to this site.

    The life of an IT Field Tech is a very lonely life, especially when you are an independent contractor. There are so many things that need to be changed and only we can do that but we must unite and and together to make these changes happen. We control it all! We keep the phones working, we keep the Networks online, we keep the POS's and Pin Pads banking bucks!!! We have the upper hand.

    Become active, participate, create topics, and let me know if you need me to add more forums categories to this community. This is for you, it is for all of us. I cannot do it alone.

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    Where are the daily blogs ....


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      Originally posted by SPorto View Post
      Where are the daily blogs ....
      I been busy, also, there has not been a lot of participation or traffic on this forum to warrant the time involved to write daily blogs.